Joe Jonas on How He Plans to Surprise Sophie Turner on Their One-Year Wedding Anniversary


Joe Jonas spoke to James Corden earlier this week about his life in quarantine with Sophie Turner—and he opened up about his tentative plans for the couple’s one-year legal marriage celebration. On May 1, 2019, the two got married in Las Vegas after the Billboard Music Awards. That ceremony, conducted by an Elvis impersonator and livestreamed by Diplo, was ahead of their more formal French wedding later in the summer.

Jonas said he was thinking of recreating the Vegas experience in their house since they can’t go back this year. Corden asked Jonas about the anniversary date being Friday, then Jonas divulged his plans so far.

“Yeah, well, we legally got married in Vegas,” Jonas started. “So it’s our Vegas anniversary, and we used to be the couple that every few days we would celebrate, right. So it’d be like we’ve been dating for a week, we’d have a party or we’d have a big dinner. Or like, it’s been a month. And we were that nauseating couple. But now I think we’ve chilled out quite a bit. The Vegas one, I think we would have gone back to Vegas so if you can keep a secret, I would say I might try to recreate Vegas in my house. Which, I have a DJ set up. We can do a nightclub. I’m trying to think what else. Maybe I could try-“

“Dress as Elvis,” Corden suggested.

“Now you’re talking,” Jonas replied. “And I could be like that Elvis and just start doing interviews so you could call in and I could like, pretend to be him. He actually did like a full press [tour]—”

“Oh, the Elvis that sung at your wedding?” Corden asked.

“Yes,” Jonas said.

“I imagine you could get that Elvis to Zoom in on a FaceTime call with you,” Corden mused.

“This time I’ll make sure he signs an NDA,” Jonas quipped.

Jonas hasn’t said anymore about the anniversary plans yet but for good reason: some things ought to stay secret for Turner.

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