Halle Berry Fires Back at Rude Bedroom Rumors: Ask My Man


Halle Berry has fired back at LisaRaye McCoy for alleging that she is “bad in bed.” Being in the public eye isn’t always easy, especially when rumors about your private life start to spread. Rumors about parts in movies or behavior on the set are the norm, but things often evolve to the personal life of an actor or actress. Berry is no stranger to this and appears to have pretty thick skin when it comes to what others say and think about her. Recently, a rumor started to spread throughout the entertainment community about Berry being bad in bed.

The rumor started on an episode of Fox Soul’s Cocktails with Queens. Claudia Jordan started the segment by stating, “Toni Braxton got some fine men back in the day.” LisaRaye McCoy countered by saying, “We don’t know what she’s doing in the bedroom. It could be like Halle Berry.” Jordan in disbelief, asks, “What you mean about Halle Berry? She’s not supposed to be good in bed?” McCoy: “That’s what they said. That’s what I read. That’s what I’ve heard. That’s what they say.” As to who has said these things, that is not clear.

As it turns out, Halle Berry did not like the fact that LisaRaye McCoy was claiming that she is bad in bed. Ms. LisaRaye McCoy, ask my man Van Hunt, he’ll tell ya all y’all need ta know,” said Berry on social media. Most of Berry’s followers stood behind her clap back at McCoy, though many of them didn’t think it was even worth talking about, due to who was spreading the rumor in a public forum. As of this writing, McCoy has not responded to Berry’s tweet about her skills in the bedroom.

Van Hunt has also not responded to LisaRaye McCoy’s thoughts on Halle Berry’s bedroom skills. Regardless, it seems that Berry is very confident in her abilities and doesn’t seem to be too worried about what the world thinks of McCoy’s claims. Berry has been very active on social media during the public health crisis as she shows off some family life, along with her fitness passion. Over the summer, she was spotted in an orange bikini that awfully similar to the one she wore as Giacinta “Jinx” Johnson in 2002’s Die Another Day. Most of the reports around that bikini tied back into the actress’ strict fitness routine.

When it comes to working out, Halle Berry doesn’t like to do it every day. Even when she does go through training, it’s for shorter amounts of time than one would normally think. “If anything, I’ve learned that a 20-minute workout can totally knock you on your butt,” said the actress over the summer. The key to everything is the amount of reps that you can get in while working out, says Berry. You can check out the official clapback directed at LisaRaye McCoy above, thanks to Halle Berry’s Twitter account.

Kevin Burwick at Movieweb

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