The Best Furiosa Moment in ‘Mad Max: Fury Road’ Came from Charlize Theron Herself



If you’re a Mad Max: Fury Road fan (and why wouldn’t you be?), you’ve been drowning in riches lately. We reported on the film’s two stars opening up about their tensions on set, and we reported on how bonkers the next installment will be. Now, New York Times reporter Kyle Buchanan is taking to Twitter to reveal even more juicy stories from his Fury Road oral history. And one story in particular proves how insightful and phenomenal Charlize Theron is as an actor and creator.

Remember the moment where Furiosa (Theron) finds out the Green Place, the oasis of riches Tom Hardy and his newfound crew were trying desperately to find, is no longer there? And Furiosa, for so long a figure of stoic strength and bitter hope, falls to her knees and lets rip a howling, primal, devastating scream? It’s one of the most soul-shaking scenes in the entire picture. And Fury Road‘s director George Miller didn’t come up with it — Theron did:


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So that was never in the storyboard. The scene was always supposed to end on her realization that the Green Place was gone, and the camera would start spinning around her while she was just in utter shock. I said to George, “I feel like we need to have a moment where she’s completely lost, completely vulnerable. We’ve seen this woman be so capable and driven, so we need to have a moment where she’s none of those things.” I felt very strongly that we had to take her to her rock bottom. Imagine the disappointment of doing all this to get to a place that doesn’t exist anymore, to have spent all this time thinking this thing would fix everything for you and then it doesn’t fix anything? It’s a character at the cusp of, “I think I’m done,” and that was an important moment to me because then the stakes of her turning around and going back feel so much higher.

Wow! That is some excellent analysis of what the story and character needed, and I’m sure all Fury Road fans are happy that Theron fought for this moment to be crafted, and that Miller listened (although he apparently only gave her four takes to get it right). Theron often works as a producer as well as an actor; with insights like this, it’s not hard to see why she has success at both.

For more BTS Theron Fury Road stories, here she is sharing all kinds of juicy pics and footage from on set.

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