This Iconic ‘Mad Max: Fury Road’ Character Was Almost Cut from the Movie



It’s hard to imagine any of the characters in 2015’s Mad Max: Fury Road not making the final cut. But, on the occasion of the movie’s five-year anniversary, director George Miller has revealed there was one character almost didn’t make it per feedback from folks at Warner Bros. — and it’s unthinkable which character almost got the boot.

Published earlier this week was a New York Times oral history interview, featuring comments from Miller and his Fury Road cast and colleagues, to commemorate the five-year anniversary of the epic fourth Mad Max movie. While many of Miller’s memories about making Fury Road were included in the official interview, NYT reporter Kyle Buchanan shared via his Twitter one anecdote which didn’t make it to print: Warner Bros. wanted Miller and his team to cut the Doof Warrior from the movie.

As Miller told it to Buchanan, “The Doof Warrior tested really badly at first. We had temp music, and whenever the Doof Warrior played in the test screening, it was the same riff, so it got annoying. A couple people at the studio said, ‘Oh, we’ve got to drop the Doof Warrior.’ I said, ‘No no, it’s way too early to even think of that,’” and went on to say that, once the Junkie XL score was added into the movie, the decision to keep the character stuck and Miller was vindicated, recalling how the Doof Warrior “became one of the most popular characters in the film.”

In case you forgot, the Doof Warrior (played by performance artist and musician iOTA) was one of Immortan Joe’s (Hugh Keays-Byrne) War Boys whose job was playing rock music with his flame-throwing guitar in order to keep his crew members amped. To imagine a movie without the Doof Warrior is basically inconceivable. What, you don’t want an action movie which features a musician wielding a flame-throwing guitar? The Doof Warrior is one of the most memorable characters from Fury Road thanks to that guitar moment (which goes largely unaddressed in the movie, by the way) and it’s tough to imagine a version of Fury Road where we just don’t get any Doof moments at all.

For more on Fury Road‘s five year anniversary, check out Charlize Theron and Tom Hardy breaking down their on-set tension and Theron recalling which powerful Furiosa moment she came up with herself.

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