Star Wars Rebels Actor Wants to Reprise Grand Inquisitor Role in Live-Action


Jason Isaacs says he’d like to reprise his Grand Inquisitor role in a live-action project. The character was created for the animated Star Wars series. Isaacs first played the character in the 2014 TV movie Star Wars Rebels: Spark of Rebellion, before becoming the main villain in Star Wars Rebels season 1. He has been a fan-favorite character ever since and more than a few people have wondered if he and his dual Lightsaber will return at some point down the line.

The Mandalorian is reportedly bringing more than one character from The Clone Wars animated series to the live-action setting. So, this has some hardcore Star Wars fans wondering if other animated characters will be able to make the jump too. In a new interview, Jason Isaacs, who has voiced a lot of interesting animated characters over the years, was asked which character he’d like to play in a live-action setting. Without hesitation, the Harry Potter star said his Star Wars character, The Inquisitor. As for why, he simply says, “He has the coolest lightsaber in the entire Star Wars universe.”

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The Lightsaber that Jason Isaacs brought up was controversial when it was first unveiled in Rebels, though fans came to appreciate it more when they saw The Inquisitor doing the modifications himself. But, could the character end up in something like The Mandalorian? As for that specific show, no, not unless it was a flashback. The character didn’t make it out of the Rebels season 1 finale alive, which means if he did come back, it would have to be five years prior to the original Star Wars trilogy starting.

The Inquisitor, or Grand Inquisitor, was a former Jedi Temple guard who went to the dark side under the guidance of Darth Vader. He was trained to hunt down Jedi survivors of Order 66 and either persuade them to join the dark side or kill them. He was higher ranked than other Inquisitors, such as the Second Sister, Sixth Brother, Seventh Sister, Ninth Sister, Eighth Brother, Tenth Brother, and the Fifth Brother. In a battle with Kanan Jarrus and his Padawan Ezra Bridger, “The Grand Inquisitor allowed himself to die during this lightsaber duel, knowing that his failure to destroy the Jedi would incur a far greater suffering from Darth Vader than death.”

There are other areas in which Jason Isaacs could return as a live-action version of The Grand Inquisitor. Disney+ has the Rogue One prequel series in development, which would fit right into the timeline, though it’s unclear how he would fit into the storyline. There’s also the Obi-Wan Kenobi series on the way and the villain could show up there, especially in flashback form as Obi-Wan thinks back to the Great Jedi Purge. There are ways The Grand Inquisitor could return, though it’s unclear if he will at this time. The interview with Jason Isaacs was originally conducted by Collider.

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