These Jason Voorhees Masks from Horror Icon Tom Savini Turn Every Day Into Friday the 13th


Horror legend Tom Savini is now selling custom Jason Voorhees protective face masks. At the end of April, Savini went out in public wearing his own mask styled after Friday the 13th, which he posted on social media. Horror fans quickly started to flood his inbox with requests for their own, so Savini obliged. The custom protective masks are now available to purchase and they’re certainly a lot cooler looking than Alyssa Milano’s crotched masks, though they may prove to be just as controversial.

Face masks are needed to go into a lot of public places these days, which has sparked its own debate. Ultimately, the masks are a courtesy to the public to ensure someone doesn’t unknowingly spread anything they’re not supposed to. Tom Savini practices this safety protocol and is encouraging his fans to do the same with their own Jason Voorhees mask. “You asked, we answered! ‘Hockey mask’ personal protection masks now available,” said Savini on Twitter.

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Tom Savini partnered with fellow horror makeup artist Jason Baker to create the unofficial Friday the 13th face masks. However, making them isn’t an easy process and according to Baker, they have a high demand with a small crew that is trying to practice safe social distancing practices. However, horror fans seem to be pretty excited about their new masks as they post them on social media. One fan even got a Jason Voorhees face mask with the blue paint job from the NES Friday the 13th video game, which is an added element of cool. Savini and Baker are trying to get as many masks out to fans as they can, but everybody should expect a wait at the same time.

Every Jason Voorhees mask is custom made to order and completely made by hand, so that adds to the wait time too. If you’re willing to wait for it, you can be the coolest person at Target or the grocery store, walking around with a Friday the 13th mask, while the rest of the patrons walk around with boring N95s and cloth masks. Style is important these days and nothing makes a bigger fashion statement than walking around in a slasher killer’s mask while buying some cleaning supplies and toilet paper. Plus, people will have no problem staying six feet away from you. It’s a win/win situation.

Jason Baker created Tom Savini’s original mask, which started this whole craze off. While the world is going through some tough stuff, Savini and Baker are providing some entertainment while delivering something positive at a time when everyone could really use it. Plus, these Jason Voorhees masks will ultimately become horror collectibles when this thing finally passes. If you’re interested in obtaining your own Friday the 13th mask, head over to Tom Savini’s Twitter account for more information on how to purchase. You can check out some images of the Jason Voorhees masks below.

Kevin Burwick at Movieweb

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