#MakeSolo2Happen Trends on 2nd Anniversary of Solo Hitting Theaters


May 25th is an important date for hardcore Star Wars devotees. It’s the date that A New Hope hit theaters back in 1977 and changed the game forever. It’s also the same date that Solo: A Star Wars Story opened in theaters in 2018. The Han Solo standalone movie was not well-received initially, mainly due to the fact that it came out less than six months after Rian Johnson’s heavily divisive The Last Jedi. However, times have changed, and just like last year’s one-year anniversary, the movie is trending on social media again as fans beg for a sequel.

#MakeSolo2Happen is trending on Twitter for the second year in a row. Solo fans, some of which who didn’t even see the movie in theaters, are ready for Disney and Lucasfilm to deliver a sequel with Alden Ehrenreich back as the young Han Solo. Revealing Darth Maul at the end of the first installment just has not sit right in the past two years and people want some real closure, mixed with more adventure.

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Last year, director Ron Howard loved hearing about the positive energy surrounding the possibility of a Solo 2. The director is happy that a lot of people want more, but didn’t really go past thanking the fans for their positivity. When the movie hit theaters, it was bombarded with troll hate on social media, which Howard believes is one aspect to the project failing at the box office. Regardless, Twitter has been taken over by Star Wars fans looking for Lucasfilm to make a Solo sequel, with some even taking it to the streets with the hashtag on their car.

Earlier this year, Solo co-writer Jonathan Kasdan revealed that the studio is not “pursuing a Solo sequel at the moment.” Kasdan went on to say a sequel on the big screen would be “a tough sell.” This has led to speculation about a possible Disney+ series with the official cast returning. Both Alden Ehrenreich and Emilia Clarke signed on for multiple movies, so it could happen, if the studio wants to pursue it. But, will they want to return to a project that wasn’t a homerun for them?

Solo 2 just isn’t officially in the cards at the moment, but that gives Star Wars fans the time to mobilize. So far, the campaign has been extremely rooted in positivity, which is pretty rare for fans of this franchise. If it was able to keep up the momentum of the Snyder Cut movement, there’s a chance that the sequel could happen, or even a possible Disney+ series. Snyder is currently hard at work on getting his original vision into shape with some additional cash from Warner Bros., so anything is really possible at the moment. You can head over to Disney+ to watch Solo starting July 10th of this year, but for now check out some of the best tweets asking for a sequel below.

Kevin Burwick at Movieweb

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