‘Amulet’ Trailer Asks You to Have Faith in Fear, Beware of Demon Upstairs



Do you know what a demon is? Well you’re about to find out! Magnet Releasing has unveiled the trailer for Romola Garai‘s creepy horror movie Amulet, which caused a stir at Sundance earlier this year.

Following an accident that leaves him homeless in London, former soldier Tomaz (Alec Secareanu) is brought to the rotting home of Magda (Carla Juri), a lonely woman in desperate need of help as she looks after her dying mother. Though at first resistant, Magda eventually welcomes him into their lives and allows him to help her care for them. But as he worms his way into their routine and begins to fall for Magda, Tomaz starts to notice strange, unexplainable, and ugly phenomena. Something seems very wrong with the mysterious old woman who never leaves the top floor, and Magda may in fact be enslaved to do her otherworldly bidding.


Garai wrote and directed the genre film, which co-stars Imelda Staunton of the Harry Potter franchise, as well as Angeliki Papoulia. If Garai’s name rings a bell, it’s because she’s an accomplished actress herself, having played the older version of Saoirse Ronan‘s character in Atonement, and co-starred in Suffragette and the BBC series The Hour.

Garai makes her feature directorial debut with Amulet, which is one of three notable horror films coming out over the course of the next month that hails from female filmmakers, along with Natalie Erika JamesRelic and Rose GlassSaint Maud.

Magnet will release Amulet in theaters and on VOD on July 24. Watch the trailer below, and let me know in the comments section if you think this looks as terrifying as I do. You can also click here to read Perri Nemiroff‘s review out of Sundance.

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