WandaVision May Stress That Wanda Is the Villain, But the Devil Really Is in the Details


Contrary to expectations that the fourth episode of WandaVision would be in the 1980s sitcom-style reality, the latest chapter stuck to solving some of the complicated mysteries set up in the first three episodes. The biggest question that it appears to have been answered is who is behind the pseudo-reality that has trapped the people of Westview- the answer comes from the most trusted source, Monica Rambeau, who utters “It’s all Wanda!”

But is it the right answer, because following the trend of the previous episodes, this one, too, drops hints that there is something “devilish” at play…yep, we are talking about Mephisto. There are spoilers ahead. Okay, so without dawdling let’s put the evidence on the table, beginning with this fact.

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Why Wanda is not…the only villain?

Because then it’s too obvious! From the beginning, every finger has been leveled at Wanda and for comics zealots, she is an even obvious contender as they know she possesses the powers to warp reality. She has the motive too for snapping- losing Vision in the most heart-breaking manner. We see her reversing time when she sees the beekeeper, she is the one who forcefully removed Monica from the make-shift reality, and even Monica now claims that Wanda is the one controlling it all. Come on! We are approximately halfway through the show and we already know who is doing this?& 

Call it wishful thinking or the result of watching too many murder mysteries but the obvious suspect is never the real culprit. Wanda is, at best, a red herring, meant to distract us from all the signs that point at someone else. There is also the possibility that she struck a deal with a villainous entity to somehow bring back Vision and now, that “someone” is keeping her subdued by giving her the illusion of the happy family life she always wanted.& 

Before we jump to the “who,” let’s go through “why” we believe there is a second person involved.

The broadcast of the show is being censored

In Episode 4, we see Darcy Lewis detect broadcast wavelengths in the energy field surrounding Westview and she puts up an old TV to find out that Wanda is stuck in a constantly changing sitcom world with an apparently alive Vision. Darcy concocts a plan to contact Wanda through radio frequencies when Scarlet Witch is talking to Dottie, but the entire sequence where Agent Jimmy Woo’s voice breaks through the fake reality and actually reaches Wanda is very crudely removed from the broadcast. The same thing happens when Wanda throws Monica out of Westview- the scene just switches to Wanda calmly rocking her twins from her confronting Monica.& 

So, here are a couple of questions that are raised. If we agree that Wanda is the one controlling everything, every break in her fake world leaves her shocked and trying to come to terms with what is happening. Thus, she is too distracted to censor the scenes, especially as we don’t think she even knows that SWORD is monitoring her.& 

What we believe is actually happening is that, as mentioned above, someone created the sitcom-reality to keep Wanda subdued and inserted the broadcast wavelength to keep an eye on her. Whenever this person notices the major moments where the outside world is seeping into the fake reality, they distract Wanda with Vision, other people, or some elaborate event. The anomaly is rendered meaningless which means that while Wanda does retain the memory, it stops mattering to her afterwards. Like she has forgotten her creepy conversation with Dottie, the beekeeper, and Monica uttering Ultron’s name will probably stop mattering to her. This, in some way, deletes it from the broadcast as well.& 

There is also the matter that people have forgotten Westview exists while the relatives, friends, and associates of those trapped in the town don’t remember they even existed in the first place. We can’t imagine a grief-stricken Wanda, who has lost her mental sanity over losing Vision, would do so much hard work to ensure no one discovers the truth.

When we say, that the “someone” behind it all is Mephisto, it’s because of the hints the recent episode dropped.

The ancient radiation

When Darcy lands at the camp SWORD has set up outside Westview’s parameter, she detects high levels of CBMR i.e., Cosmic Microwave Background Radiation. This is an ancient, leftover radiation from the Big Bang that created the universe. Now, what has us stumped is how Wanda projected a radiation that predates her by millions and millions of years to create her own world?& 

Now, this would warrant creating a long list of all the ancient cosmic villains in the Marvel comics but we will like to stick to the only one who has already been name-dropped in WandaVision and also possesses the powers to alter reality as well as create temporary inter-dimensional openings- Mephisto, Marvel’s “Devil”.& 

In the comics, Mephisto is known for making deals where he can fulfil wishes in exchange for something they value (which is usually their soul). Once a person enters into a deal with him, it is impossible for them to revoke it. Maybe Wanda too has struck a deal with him to bring Vision back and in exchange, he gets her powers or worse, her children.& She has been given a semblance of control to not allow her to realize that she is not the one truly helming her life.

The repetitive hexagons

Since the first episode, we have been questioning the abundance of hexagons in the pseudo-reality Wanda is living in and now, Jimmy Woo is also stumped by them. The obvious answer had been that it represents the criminal organization A.I.M., (Advanced Idea Mechanics) but it is becoming more and more clear that someone with big cosmic guns is steering the show, which brings us to finding the next obvious meaning of the hexagons- the presence of Mephisto.& 

Here is a task- look at a hexagon closely. Did you notice how it has six points? These six points can form six equilateral triangles with another six-sided hexagon in the middle- this makes up the ominous number 666, which is often denoted as the symbol of the Antichrist, i.e., the Devil himself. And as Dottie said in Episode 2, “the devil is in the details,” it wouldn’t be smart to not take this possible meaning into consideration.

Remember, Agnes said in Episode 2 that Wanda is “the star of the show,” but there is someone who is directing the story. Check out the latest episode of WandaVision currently streaming on the official Disney+ app.

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