David Lynch Has an Announcement to Make Tomorrow and Fans Are Excited


David Lynch fans have something to look forward to tomorrow, as the legendary filmmaker is teasing a big announcement to be made on Feb. 1. On his YouTube channel, David Lynch has been providing daily weather reports in videos uploaded for his followers. In his video released on Jan. 31, Lynch again speaks about the weather, though he also casually mentions that he has an announcement to make tomorrow. What he means by that remains to be seen, but the news is getting a lot of his fans excited on social media.

In the video, Lynch says the following.

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“Good morning. It’s January 31. The last day of January, 2021, and it’s a Sunday. Here in L.A., partly cloudy, a strong breeze blowing, around 46 degrees fahrenheit, 8 celsius. Not today, but tomorrow, I will have an announcement to make. Should be going up to 69 degrees fahrenheit this afternoon, around 21 celsius, and it looks like we’re gonna have clouds all along the way. Everyone have a great day.”

Until Lynch says exactly what he means, fans of the filmmaker can only speculate. One fan guesses that the annouuncment is “probably about Wisteria, the Netflix show he has in the works.” That could be true, as it was reported in November that Lynch would develop the series for the streamer with the working title of Wisteria. It was later reported that it would be a series that might be called Unrecorded Night and that production would start in May 2021. Is Lynch preparing to make the official announcement?

Another fan has no idea what the announcement is about but is still excited as evidenced by a tweet that reads, “I am beside myself with anticipation. An announcement from David Lynch is IMPORTANT!!!”

And another isn’t getting too excited as Lynch’s announcement could turn out to be something very small. The fan writes, “The fun thing about David Lynch’s “announcement” is that it could plausibly be anything. He has made a candle, he is shaving his beard, he has found a nest of bees, Twin Peaks season 4? All of it on the table.”

Beyond his short film work, Lynch’s last big project was Twin Peaks: The Return, a revival that serves as the third season of Twin Peaks. Set 25 years after the events of the original series, The Return brings back Kyle MacLachlan as Agent Dale Cooper with several other returning stars. The revival was also developed by Lynch and original Twin Peaks co-creator Mark Frost. Frost had been rumored to be involved in Lynch’s upcoming miniseries for Netflix, though he previously denied his involvement in a tweet back in November.

In any case, it’s worth checking out Lynch’s YouTube channel at the start of February to see what the “announcement” he has in store for his fans will turn out to be. While you’re there, you can subscribe to his channel to keep up with Lynch’s daily updates on the weather in Los Angeles. He also consistently uploads videos picking a different number of the day, with today’s number happening to be 3. This news comes to us from David Lynch Theater on YouTube.

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