Tyler Stout on His Career, Past Work, and Upcoming Mad Max: Fury Road Poster


If you’re a fan of screenprinted posters, you probably know the name Tyler Stout. That’s because over the past two decades, Stout has designed tons of extremely cool posters for bands, movies, and has released numerous art prints. In addition, he has also pushed in to designing stickers, sneakers, socks, and even wood posters. For a look at his extensive work, I’d suggest visiting ExpressoBeans or Stout’s website.

With his latest work, an awesome poster for John Carpenter’s Halloween, going on sale later this week via Grey Matter Art (details here), I recently conducted an exclusive interview with Stout about his career. During the wide-ranging conversation, Stout talked about his early work and how it was never meant to last, how the Halloween poster happened, how he’s working on a Mad Max: Fury Road poster, why no one is releasing metal posters right now, what he does with his original drawings, how many posters he tends to keep, timed editions versus limited runs, if he prefers the regular to the variant, why he doesn’t like to sell full sets of his handbills, if he ever made a Jurassic Park poster, why it took a year to get the Captain America: Civil War poster approved, and more. Moreover, as a big fan of Stout’s work, I asked what we need to do to get a Galaxy Quest or a Hot Fuzz poster, other Marvel posters, and other questions I had been dying to ask him as a fan of his work.

If you’re a fan of Stout’s, I’m extremely confident you’ll enjoy this conversation.

Check out what Stout had to say in the player above or you can click here to listen to it as a podcast. As usual, I’ve listed everything we talked about below in case you want to listen to specific things.


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Tyler Stout:

  • If he could do any poster what would he love to do?
  • 1:25 – How long does it take for him to do a poster?
  • 2:20 – How he’s been working on a Mad Max: Fury Road poster for a long time.
  • 4:05 – What’s the fastest poster he’s done and which took the longest? Why it took a year to get the Captain America: Civil War poster done.
  • 5:25 – What does he do with his original drawings?
  • 7:05 – How did the Halloween poster happen and was he nervous to do the poster after so many people have made cool Halloween posters?
  • 8:15 – Does he usually prefer the regular edition or the variant?
  • 10:10 – What was he hoping to sell on the timed edition Terminator poster versus what they actually sold?
  • 11:45 – How do they decide when to do a timed edition?
  • 13:30 – Have they ever discussed doing another variant of an older poster?
  • 16:05 – Why have metal posters slowed down?
  • 18:10 – Are wood posters easier to make?
  • 19:05 – How many posters does he save for himself?
  • 22:20 – How many of Big Trouble in Little China variants does he have?
  • 23:20 – How many Robocop metal posters does he have?
  • 25:05 – Does he have stuff that people don’t even know exist?
  • 26:35 – Briefly shows off his Avengers: Age of Ultron metal poster.
  • 27:00 – Why the same films get posters done when there are so many great films that have never been made.
  • 29:25 – Does he have a lot of posters that have been killed for whatever reason?
  • 30:45 – Has he ever done a Jurassic Park poster?
  • 32:45 – How his early posters were made on very thin paper and were never made to last this long.
  • 35:15 – Has he framed his older posters to make them last?
  • 37:10 – Is he surprised at the success of his wood posters?
  • 39:30 – How long does it take to make the wood prints?
  • 30:25 – Why he likes working with pallet wood.
  • 41:40 – Has he thought about selling full sets of the handbills?
  • 43:50 – What does he wish people knew?
  • 46:00 – Does he pay attention to what people are saying in his Facebook group or online?
  • 48:15 – What was it like selling the sneakers and socks?
  • 50:25 – How he’s thought about making toys.
  • 51:30 – How Grey Matter Art is shipping 100% of the Halloween posters which is a first for Stout.
  • 52:20 – Will he sell Halloween AP’s?
  • 53:05 – What do I need to do to get a Galaxy Quest poster?
  • 54:15 – How much is he working on right now?
  • 55:37 – Will he be doing any other Marvel posters?
  • 57:00 – What do we need to do to get a Hot Fuzz poster?

Here’s some other examples of his work:

Kukuweaq 1 tyler stout

 hudson aliens tyler stoutsgt_powell_reg tyler stout

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