Dietitian Shares 5 Weight-Loss Mistakes You’re Making After 5 P.M. (No, It’s Not Eating Carbs!)

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If you’re trying to lose weight, registered dietitian Rachel Paul, PhD, known as the collegenutritionist, shared these five common weight-loss mistakes people make after 5 p.m., which can actually prevent weight loss. No, it’s not the myth that eating carbs late at night will cause weight gain — that isn’t true, so it’s not a mistake! Dr. Paul, who has a PhD in nutrition and behavior change, said weight-loss mistakes include not adding enough flavor to dinner and not eating enough — she said to make sure you get protein, fats, and veggies.

Another mistake is not planning for a snack after dinner. She said in the video, “If you want something sweet, just plan for it after dinner.” We’re down with dessert! The fourth mistake is not having a set bedtime, and the last mistake is not eating enough the next day. “Don’t get into that binge/restrict cycle,” Dr. Paul warned. Avoid these mistakes, make sure to nourish your physical and mental body, and you’ll be on your way to reaching your goals.

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