The Best Songs from TV Musical Episodes


Ah, the musical episode. Many people joke that a musical episode is a sign for the end of a television program. Often, they are seen as low quality tv. I, however, love them. I was watching Lucifer, the musical episode, and it inspired me to write about other ones. However, instead of making a list of musical episodes and which ones are best or worst, I decided to make a Superlative list, like the Seniors get in their yearbooks. It would be mixing it up from the traditional musical list. Before this article starts, ground rules.

One, excluded from the list, will be the television programs Glee and Smash for two reasons. First, the idea, along with the plot, is based around music, so that wouldn’t be fair to compare to non-musical shows. Second, I haven’t watched either except for small clips. Yes, I know I should have my modern theatre kid card turned in for this. But, to be honest, I haven’t been interested in either show. Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, Galavant, and Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist are also out, under the same rules even though I have seen them and I love these three shows.

Second, no bashing or criticizing those singing. For many of these performers, this may have been their first foray into singing. They might not have had the proper singing training that their co-stars have had. Plus, anything negative that could be said about one actor singing has been said before and doesn’t need repeating. Finally, this list will have only one song from each musical episode. That way more shows can be talked about. Anyway, here are nine superlatives of songs from TV musical episodes.

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