James Gunn in New The Suicide Squad Video Talks About Shooting on the RED Camera


Red Digital Cinema has released a featurette with some interesting behind-the-scenes footage of the highly-anticipated The Suicide Squad. Because the featurette is coming from RED Digital Cinema, of course, the main focus is on the cameras which were used to film the upcoming action-packed blockbuster. A lot of innovation and technology went into manufacturing these cameras, and director James Gunn talks excitedly about just how awesome they are.

The featurette starts with Gunn explaining that “the way that this movie is shot is the way that I have wanted to shoot every movie in my brain, and it hasn’t been possible until this film.” While he is speaking, climactic shots of Margot Robbie and other main characters from the movie running for their lives in the middle of a collapsing building occupy the viewer’s attention. Gunn goes on to explain how one of his main challenges during filming was to “keep it alive, keep it visceral, and keep it real”, and attributed a lot of that success to the RED cameras that were used.


Image via Warner Bros.

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But it isn’t just the RED cameras and innovative cinematography that have sold this movie to audiences long before its theatrical debut (although we’re certainly not discounting RED’s contribution, either). The movie’s 2016 predecessor, Suicide Squad, was a disappointing flop for any eager fans that the bar for Gunn’s version is relatively low. However, the effort that the cast and crew are clearly putting into this project should be giving fans high hopes that it will be one of the biggest, most enjoyable films of the summer. The Suicide Squad premieres in theaters and on HBO Max August 6. Check out the RED Digital Cinema featurette for The Suicide Squad below.

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