Once Again, Brie Larson Proves She’s Way More Fit Than Anyone With Her 1-Arm Push-Up


There goes my jaw dropping to the floor again. Brie Larson is all kinds of strong, posting videos of herself doing one-arm pull-ups, doing a pull-up hold with a *weighted chain*, and casually holding a pull-up for a full minute. NBD. Well, she’s achieved new Captain Marvel strength with this video where she performed a one-arm push-up, after her trainer Jason Walsh said, “Let’s get it!” And with a breath in and a breath out, she nailed it.

As if that wasn’t impressive enough, you can hear Walsh saying in the background to go for a second rep, and then a third. Larson totally crushed it! The smile on her face and the little celebratory hip dance at the end proved how proud she was, but she made it look so easy. Thanks for the inspiration!

If you’re still a push-up newbie, that’s OK! Everyone starts as a beginner, so work on these seven strengthening exercises so you can master push-ups, too.

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