Scorpio Weekly Horoscope


WEEK OF July 19 – 2 5, 2021

Why order a la carte when Cupid’s sampler platter is looking so good? Even the most loyal of Scorpios could have a “what if?” moment over the next few weeks. For this you can thank (or blame) ardent Venus who is rolling into Virgo and your experimental eleventh house from Wednesday, July 21 through August 16. Yes, you will still be your discreet and discerning self. It’s the Scorpio way. But if your neck happens to swivel (while your boo-thing is beside you, no less), don’t waste a second drowning in guilt. You’re just, uh, gathering inspiration. You can still color within the agreed-upon erotic lines…maybe with a 64-pack of Crayolas instead of the basic ROYGBIV. Let friends play matchmaker. Be more of a “yes” to their invites, even if you think you’d be happier staying in with your Labradoodle. And while you’re out, unapologetic weirdness may be an aphrodisiac, but don’t judge a book by its cover. The normcore (looking!) ones could surprise you.

More than anything, this Venus cycle brings out the “sapiosexual” in you. Intellect, wit and an ability to see the world through a kaleidoscopic lens are total turn-ons. Attached Scorpios should make a point of enjoying more avant-garde activities together. Pick up a pair of tickets to an experimental art show, co-host an outdoor costume party. Since the eleventh house is the tech sector, single Scorpios will be blessed with better-than-average luck on the dating apps. Stop dwelling on those bad coffee dates and log back in to Bumble with “beginner’s mind.”

Leo season begins on Thursday night (or just after midnight depending on your time zone), a monthlong cycle that turns your high-pro glow up to maximum wattage. With the Sun beaming at the top of your chart between now and August 22, step out and show the world what you’re made of! Like a bonus booster rocket, make-it-happen Mars will be co-piloting through Leo until July 29, 10X-ing your momentum. But you need to meet the universe halfway! Your job here is twofold: First, decide what epic mission you want to get in orbit over the next four weeks. Then, take the first action steps. Kinetic energy will kick in from there, Scorpio. The trick is to pick a goal that’s worthy of your efforts, because that’s what makes you unstoppable. Whether it’s a cross-country move to a coastal town or a baller business move that can put your name on new parts of the world map, feel free to think in Leo’s grandiose terms.

An opening for leadership could present itself between now and August 22 and you, Scorpio, could be the perfect fit. While this might cut into some personal time, consider the benefits. Beyond the prestige, this may be excellent training and development, especially if it means working in closer connection to people who can share their expertise. Step up!

You may feel a strong pull toward home base on Friday, however, when the first in a rare consecutive pair of Aquarius full moons illuminates your fourth house of domestic roots. There’s no stopping you from burning the candle at both ends, but this lunar light is your cue to take a night (or three) off and refill your tanks. On the surface you might not feel “productive,” but don’t get caught in that kind of thinking. As a water sign, your best ideas often come to you while in the shower. So why not while you’re napping on the beach or hanging out at a relative’s pool? This full moon is ideal time to intentionally slow down, clear some obligations off your plate and give your mind and body the break—and pampering—they need and deserve.

If there’s been restlessness at home or a discontent with your living situation, get to work on resolving this. By the time the second Aquarius full moon sequels on August 22, you could make significant headway. If you’ve been thinking about a major renovation, relocation or change in roommates, turn up the heat on that. Thanks to these manifesting moonbeams, you could attract the ideal circumstances in the next two to four weeks!

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