Úrsula Corberó on Snake Eyes and Money Heist’s Popularity Around the World


With director Robert Schwentke’s Snakes Eyes: G.I. Joe Origins now playing in theaters, I recently spoke with Úrsula Corberó about playing The Baroness in the Snake Eyes origin story. During the fun interview, Corberó talked about what it was like making her first English language movie, why she loved filming in Japan, what people would be surprised to learn about the making of Snake Eyes, and being the only person in the film that got to say f*ck. In addition, with Corberó part of the hugely popular Netflix series Money Heist (La Casa De Papel), she shared a great story about when she realized the series was so popular around the world.

If you haven’t seen the trailers, Snake Eyes tells the story of how Snake Eyes (Henry Golding) and Storm Shadow (Andrew Koji) met and how their brotherly relationship fell apart. The film also introduces Haruka Abe as Akiko, Tahehiro Hira as Kenta, Samara Weaving as Scarlett, Iko Uwais as Hard Master, and Peter Mensah as Blind Master.

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Check out what she had to say in the player above and below is exactly what we talked about.

Úrsula Corberó

  • What does she wish she knew on the first day of filming that she learned during the shoot?
  • What it was like making her first English language movie.
  • In PG-13 movies you can only say f*ck once. What did it mean to her to be the one to say it?
  • What would people be surprised to learn about the making of Snake Eyes?
  • Why she loved filming in Japan.
  • When did she realize Money Heist (La Casa De Papel) was so popular.

snake eyes gi joe origins ursula Corbero baroness

Image via Paramount

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