Centaurworld Creator Megan Nicole Dong on the Netflix Animated Musical Fantasy Show


From the moment the trailer dropped, it was easy to see that Netflix’s new animated series Centaurworld was going to be something special. What starts off as a gritty action series about a warrior and her horse in a world at war with orc-like creatures quickly evolves by introducing a bizarre, colorful musical world full of centaur creatures, a Centaurworld, if you will. The show follows Horse (Kimiko Glenn) as she tries to gather a magical device that will hopefully let her return to her world. On the way, she will find numerous magical centaurs, great dangers, and plenty of catchy tunes.

I recently got the chance to talk to Centaurworld creator Megan Nicole Dong about bringing different animation styles to the show, working as a first-time showrunner, balancing deep lore and mythology with standalone episodes, and what she hopes to see more of in a second season.


Image via Netflix

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Check out what she had to say in the player above and below is exactly what we talked about.

Megan Nicole Dong

  • How the idea for Centaurworld first originated.
  • What influenced the look of the show.
  • How does one pitch a show like this?
  • When did the show become a musical?
  • How Broadway influenced the show, and casting theater actors.
  • Easter eggs and references to Broadway shows.
  • Balancing darkness with lighthearted humor.
  • Designing the different centaurs and what got cut from the show.
  • The horrific existentialism of the tiny centaurs that shoot out of the regular centaurs’ hooves.
  • Balancing serialized storytelling with standalone episodes.
  • What she’d like to explore further in a possible season 2.

Centaurworld is now streaming on Netflix.


Image via Netflix

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