Two Namco Classics Join Hamster’s Arcade Archives This Week


@DeathByLasagna This one’s an emulation while the one in Namco Museum is a port. Traditionally that’s meant that things like old patterns don’t successfully work in the latter, but I’ve not personally dug into the Pac-Man port on Switch and have just played it casually a couple of times.

So this port may be more accurate than it was in past Namco Museums, which other than the 50th Anniversary Collection on XB/GCN/PS2 that featured emulation by Digital Eclipse, have always been ports going back to the original Playstation line.

But with Hamster always going the emulation route and with their reputation for accurate emulation with the Arcade Archives line, you’re guaranteed this one will behave exactly as it should.

That said, if you’re a casual Pac-Man player and already own Namco Museum, I don’t see that you’re gaining a whole lot by double dipping for the utmost accuracy when Namco Museum looks, feels, and plays as one expects from Pac-Man.

The only thing you’re gaining is the confidence that any old Pac-Man pattern will work as it should, where as ports usually miss some of the nuances of the ghost behavior and break those old patterns.

Edit: And this may be ideal for flip grip owners. I recall some sort of problem with trying to use Namco Museum with that (I think the screen rotated the exact opposite way of other vertical arcade releases on the NS, leaving the game upside down).

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