Artistes Misérables – Painting is a miserable way to die Kickstarter Spotlight


Artistes Misérables – Painting is a miserable way to die
Publisher: Blacksburg Tactical Research Center
Designer: Greg Porter
Number of Players: 3-6
Ages: 10+
Time: 20-40 minutes.

Artistes Misérables is the morbidly humorous card game where each player is a 19th century artist, striving to paint masterpieces, failing to sell them and dying in squalor and obscurity. And while you work and drink yourself into an early grave, you are trying to curse your competitors with happiness, health and prosperity.

Artistes Misérables is a card drafting, resource management game where your Muses are Poverty, Despair and Infirmity. These are not only victory points, but also prerequisites for classic pieces of art like ‘Still a Better Love Story than Twilight’, ‘Buy This Painting or I’ll Invade Poland’ and ‘I Was So Stoned I Don’t Even Remember Painting That’.

Treat your lung infection with cheap cigarettes and long walks by the marsh, get stabbed by a jealous lover and overindulge in absinthe, while forcing your opponents to get steady jobs and win critical acclaim, thus destroying their credibility and creativity.

It’s all just an ordinary day in the life of Artistes Misérables.

Artistes Misérables – Painting is a miserable way to die will be live on KICKSTARTER until Thu, October 28 2021 2:33 AM PDT, and has a funding goal of $10,000.
Find out more at BGG.
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